Here are our recommendations for the creative tools and supplies we love to use in our lessons.
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Kalimba with Five Chrome Plated Steel Keys, Small Size

Nino Percussion Kids' >>


Nino is an by Meinl, a family-owned manufacturer and distributor of musical instruments.

Solid Tempera Paint, 12 Pack

Kwik Stix >>


Kwik Stix are created by The Pencil Grip, which develop tools with a scientific approach: designed to stimulate the mind, foster creativity, and are the best available.

Petite Children's Earth Paint Kit >>

We love these pigments because its colors are so vivid and made specially for kids from organic ingredients

Made with natural earth pigments, organic corn starch and gum arabic.100% Washable and cleans up quickly with just water.

Each kit contains six colors of natural earth paint: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and brown and one bamboo paint brush. Paints on wood, rocks, paper, fabric, glass and more.
Natural Earth Paint was founded in 2011 by professional artist, mom and environmentalist, Leah Fanning.